BCJCoorp trade rules:

- Only clean, quality and skimmed traffic.

- Low prod, low quality, bad geo - will be disabled withnot notice
- Unlegal, Consoles, Java, Codecs, Bots, CP, Cheats - Permanent BAN
- Skim more 50%
- Visible toplist
- 60% GEO1 traff
- Manual trade only, see contacts below

Sites for trade [240x180]:

Mature / Milf / Moms
Mom in Sexhttp://mominsex.com/[240x180]
Sex milfhttp://sexsmilf.com/[240x180]
3 Maturehttp://3mature.com/[240x180]
Mamma HDhttp://mammahd.com/[320x240]
Porn Mahttp://pornma.net/[240x180]
Sexy Mommhttp://sexymomm.com/[240x180]
Mum Pornhttp://mumporn.net/[240x180]
Mom X Pornhttp://momxporn.com/[240x180]

G Pornhttp://giporn.com/[240x180]
Porn HQhttp://pornhq.net/[240x180]
720 Pornhttp://720porn.org/[240x180]
As Pornhttp://asporn.net/[240x180]
Amid Pornhttp://amidporn.com/[240x180]
Porn Damnhttp://porndamn.com/[240x180]
Porn Movieshttp://pornm.net/[240x180]
Porn WOW!http://pornwow.org/[240x180]
Porn 1234http://porn1234.net/[240x180]
Porn Allhttp://pornall.net/[240x180]
All Pornshttp://allporns.net/[240x180]
Wow! Pornhttp://wowporn.name/[240x180]
Porn 4http://porn4.net/[240x180]
Best Pornhttp://bestporn.name/[240x180]
1 Pornhttp://1porn.info/[240x180]


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